L & M Kee Leaps into Fashion

After years of shopping at stores such as Walmart in search of the latest fashion at affordable prices, we decided to create our store with the fashion styles that we like. Our dilemma with the other stores was that they never had anything that we liked in our sizes. The styles were either too big or too small. Not everyone has a Barbie doll waist. So, in August of 2019, L & M Kee was founded.

The biggest challenge we face is finding customers. Building a business overnight is not one of our expectations. We will continue to seek out products that appeal to our fashion style and enjoy wearing our brand. Eventually, those who have the same fashion tastes will find us.

In the next 12-18 months, our goal is to begin sending select products to Amazon fulfillment as a manner of warehousing our brands for a more appropriate shipping policy. We are an Amazon Prime member and do enjoy the benefits of their program as much as many other people. Amazon will help our business provide one to three-day delivery with Prime memberships.

We have already begun our Amazon brand with a horse head bracelet. By February, we hope to stock our first line of dresses on Amazon.



We plan to take small gradual steps while we learn the art of fashion and commerce.

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