Nylon Kitchenware Six Pieces

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Materials: nylon,PP, fast.

Colander: about the size. 31.5x7 12.40x2.76 inch (L/cm x (W)

Scoop size: approximately dense. 31.5x7 12.40x2.76 inch (L/cm x (W)

Mr. Turner: about the size of ranurado. 31.5x9 12.40x3.54 inches (L/cm x (W)

Spoon size soup: probably. 29.5x9.3 11.61x3.66 inches (L/cm x (W)

Pallet size: approximately. 32.5x5 12.79x1.96 inches (L/cm x (W)

Size server, noodles and pasta: probably. 30x6.5 11.81x1.96 inches (L/cm x (W)


Easy to use and clean.

Good nylon, heat resistant to 230 C, no test, warp or melt.

Nylon material with high quality 6 kitchens.

Of course, use the pan without drug dealers.


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