Teknon Car Truck and SUV Seat Back Protector - 2 Pack

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Teknon car seat kick mats are made to fit securely over the back of most any seat using 3 sets of straps that the competition doesn't offer. These mats were specifically developed to last and keep the corners from drooping and sagging over time. Teknon Seat back organizers are equipped with storage and organization compartments so you don’t need to worry about adequate organization for your child’s snacks or toys during long car trips. This also saves you time and hassle. Unlike other pads that can be difficult to clean or care for these classic sleek-looking Teknon pads are quick and easy to maintain. Simply hand-wash the protector pad at regular intervals for a thorough cleaning after repeated use. These sleek black seat protector pads provide full coverage protection for your car seats at all times. Each of these pads offers a large protection range so you can ensure that your entire seat is shielded. These mats offer multiple storage areas an easy access pocket on the front and a secure hidden pocket on the backside.


BEST QUALITY NONSLIP KICK SHIELD: This Teknon Car Kick Mat set features specialized nonslip materials and design. These pads have a triple strap system to prevent them from sagging at the top corners which is a major flaw in most kick mat covers on the market. Together these improved features ensure the pads stay in place so there’s no need to worry about them sliding around.

CONVENIENT ORGANIZER COMPARTMENTS: The Teknon Car Kick Mats have four compartments for storage and organization on long car trips. These pockets are located on the back of the mats for maximum accessibility on the road. With this rear seat protector by Teknon you can easily maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle and make sure your little munchkin stays entertained as you travel.

TESTED BY KIDS: These car seat protector pads have been thoroughly tested by kids to make sure that the design and materials won’t wear out under the stress and strain of regular use. We personally use all of our products ourselves. Because of that firsthand experience we guarantee these durable car seat protectors will be around for years to come giving you the best value for your money.

EASY CLEANING & CARE: These convenient car seat protectors are made of waterproof material and require minimal cleaning and care. This set comes with two protective mats to ensure each seat back has equal protective coverage. With its durable material and design the Teknon Car Kick Mat set offers the ideal car seat protection for any family with infants toddlers or young children.

OVERALL COVERAGE & PROTECTION: These car seat kick mats measure 27”x 21.5” and fit easily over most car seats to offer full coverage protection in cars trucks or SUVs. So whether you are on a long car trip for a family vacation or taking a quick dash around town these kick mats ensure your car’s interior is protected from anything and everything on your baby’s shoes.



30 Day Warranty