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Ugly Christmas Sweaters - Sweater Party December 16th

Have you heard of National Ugly Sweater Day?

Reindeer Santa Clause Cartoon Print Ugly Christmas Sweater

It is on December 16th, which is the third Friday of December. The day encourages people to wear ugly sweaters in public, especially the ones that Grandma made, with pride for charity events.

Reindeer Snowflakes Santa Sweater

Two men threw the first Ugly Sweater party in Vancouver, British Columbia. They desired to organize “a cheesy, feel good, festive part” and used the holiday sweaters as its theme. Sweaters of the 1980s started the holiday icons that inspired parties and merchandise. The “ugly sweater party” is a regular old party where everyone shows up in their most obnoxious Christmas, Hanukkah, or winter-themed sweater they could find.

Christmas Element Print Long Cardigan

One can wear ugly Christmas Sweaters any time. However, they are worn at Christmas (especially at ugly sweater parties). Besides having tacky appearances, they will keep one warm on a cold fall/winter day since many are made with materials such as wool.


What makes these sweaters ugly is that people do not like to look at highly saturated items for long periods. Our eyes need to rest, and when these sweaters are worn, there is no resting place when everyone is wearing one.

There are many ideas of what to wear with an Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Wear the sweater over an all-white outfit

Pair it with vinyl or leather leggings.

Another idea is to wear it with a mini skirt and over-the-knee boots

Try it with a pleated midi skirt

And finally, wear it with a cozy knit hat, blue jeans, and fuzzy slippers.

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