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About Us

Linda Nelson started L & M Kee because she did not like the fashion styles she had to choose from at her local department stores. But that is not the only reason for this store. After recently acquiring her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting she wanted to gain extra experience in the world of business. Starting a business of her own opened the door to new experiences and knowledge.

L & M Kee is just in the beginning stages. Linda wears all the hats and is learning all the steps and stages for this business. From finding stylish apparel that fits all sizes and shapes to securing suppliers who are dependable it has been an uphill learning curve. Knowledge is not learned overnight.

The latest problem that popped up for L & M Kee was logistics. A year ago when the store first opened the average shipping time was no more than 20 business days. Then the Corona virus took the world by storm and normal delivery times became a thing of the past with orders sitting in customs for weeks on end.

Another hunt took place to find a way to solve the logistics problem. L & M Kee is not large enough to operate its own warehouse. There had to be another solution.

That solution came in the form of a different vendor that could solve the logistic problems facing L & M Kee. Now that the problem is satisfactorily solved, shipping times have improved to 8 - 14 business days. 2 weeks delivery on average. 

  • L & M Kee was founded August 4, 2019
  • Jewelry line that ships in the US in 3 - 5 days
  • Sourcing many products to ship 3 - 14 business days
  • Some imported items still take about 30 business days to arrive - but the shipping is beginning to improve.
  • 80% of products now shipping from within the US.

L & M Kee wants to provide stylish clothing for your entire family that will ship as quickly as possible to your door. Our goal is to continue to improve shipping times.

9/12/2020 - Update: A new shipping partnership is formed. More domestic products added. These products are shipping from within the US.

Working toward fewer imports.

 10/21/2020 - Update: It has been discovered that due to our company being in its early stages, we are not allowed to carry any (American Name Brand) Products. The rule hurts our ability to provide our customers with made in America products.

We will now work to discover only the best imports that we can ship as quick as possible. We are just as disappointed by this news as our customers. Yet, we will not give up, but will continue to move forward and adapt to any condition that is thrown our way.

-------   Expected Deliveries are back to 8 to 35 Business Days. --------

For up to date news whether it be products or delivery times, visit our blog News - L & M Kee


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