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L & M Kee has taken it to the next level. Better products, faster shipping, and a new customer account page. We have a wish list, order history, and you can earn credits for discounts.

Update! L & M Kee will not carry American name brands. We regret the need to break ties with the supplier but the relationship was not a good fit for our store.

Regardless, we will continue to seek out great products.

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customer account login -

Announcing new customer account login which will provide features such as order history, order tracking, and a wish list.

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2020 Gift Guide, Gifts for the family -

Christmas is right around the corner. We have the gifts that you are looking for your entire family. Here is a sample of a few ideas for you to get started early.

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Make your own hand sanitizer with this recipe.

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The coronavirus continues to spread and it is important that everyone does what they can to stop the spread of the virus. That means wearing a mask. Any mask will do as long as you are covering both your nose and your mouth.

And don't forget to wash your hands with soap and water!

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