Is the 2020 Wait Over Yet - Everyone Still Waits for Normalcy in 2021

Sales TeamFeb 6, '21

While we all wait for normalcy to return, pick your spirits up by applying makeup or dressing up for the day. You don't need to be somewhere to make yourself feel pretty and fashionable. We have what you want in cosmetics and fashion.

Taking it to a New Level

Linda NelsonOct 16, '20

L & M Kee has taken it to the next level. Better products, faster shipping, and a new customer account page. We have a wish list, order history, and you can earn credits for discounts. Update! L & M Kee will not carry American name brands. We regret the need to break ties with the supplier but the relationship was not a good fit for our store. Regardless, we will continue to seek out great products.

Holiday Gift Guide - September 2020

Sales TeamSep 26, '20

Christmas is right around the corner. We have the gifts that you are looking for your entire family. Here is a sample of a few ideas for you to get started early.

Recipe for Homemade Hand Sanitizer - Update 2/17/2020

Sales TeamSep 17, '20

Make your own hand sanitizer with this recipe.