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LMKee looks to embrace Slow and Sustainable Fashion

What is slow fashion?

Slow fashion is an approach to fashion that considers all the processes and resources required to make clothing. It advocates better buying habits of quality apparel that lasts longer and values the fair treatment of animals, people, and our planet.

Slow fashion and sustainable / ethical fashion are similar. They are movements that follow the same guidelines. The difference with slow fashion is focused on the reduction of consumption and production.

Is slow fashion better for the environment?

Slow fashion goal is to reduce the textile waste and the consequence of pollution.

What are the disadvantages of slow fashion?

  • It is more expensive.
  • Sometimes it consists of buying secondhand clothing.
  • Lack of options.
  • It may take longer to find what you are looking for.


Rainbow Sling Ankle Maxi Sundress

Our dress is made of polyester which is lightweight, comfortable, and slightly stretchy. Sling Long: Adjustable shoulder straps, you can easily adjust the length, always keeping you comfortable and close to the body, extra long suspender dress, simple but sexy and fashionable. STYLISH DESIGN: This dress features sleeveless, adjustable straps, above-the-knee length, and a flowy hem. Comfort and lightweight control help you look sleeker and slimmer overall, making you look more stylish and comfortable. Fashionable and versatile: Sexy and fashionable, it can be freely matched with high heels, sneakers, or sandals and slippers. It is a very fashionable outfit.

Geometric Art Sexy V-Neck Bikini Swimsuit

Skin-friendly material: Made of high-quality 86% polyester + 14% spandex, the fabric is soft, elastic, fine workmanship, comfortable, soft, skin-friendly, durable and breathable, stylish yet sexy. Lace-up design: The adjustable lace is suitable for all body types, chic design, comfortable to wear, convenient for underwater activities, more attentive design, highlighting the curve of the figure, giving you a 100-point comfortable swimming experience. Features: Wide straps, low waisted pants, triangle bikini top, adjustable neck and middle back ties, adjust the size and cups to your body shape, help adjust the fit. The swim trunks have adjustable side ties on the sides to accentuate the curve of the hips. Cover the fat, wrap and shape to make you thinner and show your figure.

Leopard Print Women's Pull Loop Sneakers (02001)

Sports and leisure, classic and versatile. The sneakers are very light to wear, with breathable mesh, not stuffy feet, and comfortable feet. The laces are adjustable for easy everyday wear and can be used in all seasons.


Exclusive designs for LMKee are made at time of sale. To help protect our environment from needless waste, LMKee will not warehouse products. We do not keep an inventory of actual stock merchandise. All our products are first in first out.

Yes, this does make shipping times longer because our customers need to wait for the product to be made before it is shipped. That is the trade off to helping protect our environment.

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