Celebrating One Year – August 4th

We find it hard to believe that we have been here with L & M Kee for one year this coming August. It has been quite the experience, and still lots more to learn. Our goal is to continue to make improvements as often as possible. The first problem that we are tackling is shipping.

The Pandemic did not shut us down, but it did make some hurdles that we are learning to navigate to get the products to our customers quicker. Standard delivery used to be 14-20 business days. When the Pandemic hit global shipping came to a standstill for many products. Here at L & M Kee, we have discovered alternative shipping solutions that we plan to utilize to move the products quickly to you, the customer.

There is still the question of whether the additional cost of shipping will improve the shipping times. The only way to know the answer is to implement the change in our shipping procedures.

Check back soon! We hope to see significant improvements in shipping soon.



By the way, this top is so comfy, even on a hot summer day! Stop by and check it out.

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