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Makeup Is An Effective Cover-Up For Unwanted Blemishes

Many women develop spots about their eyes as they age. There is another solution to this problem besides cosmetic surgery which can have risks involved like scaring or worse.

Makeup is one of the best forms of camouflage that can enhance a person's appearance. Makeup Artists have done wonders for the movie industry.

Watch the following video where a make-up artist shows an older woman how to cover those aging cholesterol spots that formed about her eyes.



L & M Kee has a line of cosmetics perfect for you. Our cosmetics are vegan and they are paraben-free. Just right for fixing up appearances and easy to use.



Update - 9/17/2020 -  Due to COVID-19 and the inability of our supplier for our cosmetic line to ship to the USA we have decided to suspend the L & M Kee Cosmetics. Canada struggles with systematic problems surround COVID-19 just as the United States has had their share of problems.

We will revisit the cosmetic line once the Corona virus outbreak is under control and the trade agreement with Canada is improved.

In the meantime, L & M Kee has found a source for Brand name products that you know and trust. These products ship within the US from a US warehouse location. Shipping with an improved time of 3 - 14 days.