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Taking it to a New Level

A year has passed since we first launched our store. The first twelve months was a struggle to find the products that would meet our requirements. Now that we have found them, we are beginning to add new features.

One is our order tracker that can be found on your customer account page's left side menu.

We have also added a return portal to help streamline any return requests.

A Frequently Asked Questions page you will find at the bottom of our webpage.

The next feature we are building up to is the credits you can accumulate by creating your customer account. Credits are added each time you place an order, subscribe to our newsletter, and even create your customer account. More ways to earn credits are coming soon!

Products that we now feature are Brand Name Reconditioned cellphones at a fraction of the original cost. We have found fashion handbags and name brand clothing for you to love.



We have been swamped packing and shipping your orders. Shipping has improved significantly over the past two months, making us happy to make you happy.


Thank you for your interest in our products!


Update!!!! 10/25/2020

To our dismay, we have learned that our store is not to carry any of the products pictured above, American name brands. The supplier that we had intended to work with was not a good fit for our needs. All of their products have been removed from our store front.

We are very thankful that L & M Kee did not invest heavily in any of these products allowing us to cut our losses and keep those losses to a minimum. This is a set back none the less, but we will recover from our decision to part ways with this company.

We will continue to seek out great products to add to our store.

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