Why Should I Wear Make-up?

The purpose of wearing make-up is to enhance one’s outer beauty without any harm to the skin. Our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. There is a need to protect our outer shell that must be able to breathe, nurtured, and nourished. Applying make-up as a daily routine allows a person to enhance their appearance and keep that outer shell, the skin, healthy and beautiful.

Photo by Nicole De Khors from Burst

Make-up boosts confidence and makes a person look perfect and feel good about themselves. The application of make-up will keep the face stunning. It will also protect the skin from the UV rays of the sunlight while enhancing natural beauty and improving self-confidence.

Did you know?

  • The reason why lipstick is worn is to increase attractiveness. Red lipstick will increase the influence of how quickly a man will approach a woman. When women wear red lipstick, men tend to approach a woman sooner than those who either wore no lipstick, wore brown lipstick, or slightly pink lipstick.
  • Foundation is also important. By wearing foundation will even the skin tone, giving a stronger appearance of being healthy with perfect symmetry. Beauty is enhanced by wearing a foundation. One study found that wearing a foundation can make the most difference in a female’s attractiveness when judged of women wearing different levels of cosmetics when comparing those who wore no make-up to a complete make-up application.
  • Eyes are another focus area. Eye make-up is rated as a Number One product that will enhance a woman’s facial attractiveness. Eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara are known to increase the appearance of a women’s neoteny, making them appear years younger. Adults are always trying to recapture the younger appearance look of having large eyes to make the nose appear smaller and the lips fuller.
  • They are blushing of innocence. Another important staple of cosmetics is blush. When women appear to the sexually viable, they appear to be aroused and will blush more easily. Applying blush will mimic the appearance of arousal and make the woman appear to be interested and sociable.
  • Make-up makes a person appear healthier. Besides increasing attractiveness, wearing cosmetics may create a favorable social appearance. Women have a healthier appearance; they are more confident and will have a greater potential of earning a higher wage than a woman who does not wear make-up and may play a larger role in strategic self-presentation.


Let L & M Kee help you appear healthier and sociable by starting with the L & M Kee Hugs and Kisses Cosmetics. From lip-gloss to lipstick, your lips can appear healthier and more attractive. The foundation will provide an even skin tone. But before applying any make-up, it is important to take care of the facial area with a facial scrub such as Sunflower Face Scrub.

Sunflower Face Scrub is gentle on the skin. Our formula forms a film on the skin’s surfaces that will prevent excessive moisture loss while leaving the skin restored, polished and radiant. Cleansing the face to allow the proper healthy application of all make-up products.

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