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Fashion Trend Prediction for 2020

High waist pants are making a come back for women’s pants. These include what is now become call Mom Jeans. The reference is geared toward the clothing style that today’s generation remembers their mothers once wore before leggings became popular.




Tops will continue to be found in different lengths though there are some that are tighter against the body to show off women’s curves. The curvier women prefer the longer tunic styles that are perfect for hiding the imperfections of love handles and bulges.



Shoes are still trending with knee or calf-high boot, both high heel, and flats. High heels with metal embellishment decorate the heel.



One new trend making its way into fashion accessories is the locking backpack. These bags are not completely theft-proof, but they may help deter theft due to the combination locks. Backpacks now also have special attachments for charging cellphones and tablets without removing the device from the bag. Slots are also found to accommodate wired headphones.




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