Shipping in COVID-19 Times

2020 has proven to be the year of the Rat beside the Chinese zodiac. When I think of Rats, the first thing that I think of is how plagues are associated with rats.

China claimed the symbol to be wealth and surplus. That must be why everyone ran out and bought toilet paper so that they would have a perpetual surplus, and while the rest of the country was left to find leaves in the back yard.

COVID-19 has created all sorts of problems around the world. The world is trying to change, but it is more than just habits that society needs to change. We have added a new addition to the daily wardrobe by the need to wear face masks. So many unique styles and types of face masks are on the market because of COVID-19. The primary purpose of the mask is to deter the spread of the virus. One half of society has agreed to wear the masks in a public place, and the other half of society thinks that they are a useless bother.

If you don't have a mask to wear, we have them here!

Cloth Face Mask


I wear one every time I am in public places. Who knows, I could be a carrier.

Most of the population in New England has accepted the face mask as a necessary accessory for 2020 as they try to prevent the disease from resurging in their area. Many of which are back to work and do not wish to see a repeat of the six-week lockdown.

 We also have (10 Pack of Children's face masks)


“Do everyone a favor and wear that mask! If not for yourself, then do it for others.

COVID-19 has also disrupted our logistics services around the world. Imports are sitting in customs for weeks on end before being released to their destinations.

At L & M Kee, we are actively trying to find a solution to the delivery dilemma. We want your shipment to arrive as quickly as possible. Our goal is to continue to acquire better ship dates in the coming months.

We will keep you updated on our progress with better ship dates.

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