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New Fashion Accessory – the Face Mask

The year 2020 brought about so many changes for our world, our global economy, our way of life, and our means of socializing. Communities in the United States have tried so hard to reject the new norms for social distancing, conducting business, and being with friends and family, resulting in spiked Coronavirus cases across the country.

How amazing is it that a pandemic is needed to teach communities to wash their hands! Better hygiene is a necessity. Remember to use soap and water. Hand sanitizer should not be the first thing used to clean your hands. That hand sanitizer will dry out your hands and cause your skin to crack and hurt. Some hand sanitizer has been found to include the wrong type of alcohol which will burn your skin. Make sure the ingredients on your bottle states that either isopropyl or peroxide as the sanitizing ingredient. Any other ingredient used may harm your skin.

Let’s talk about the Face Masks!


I have heard so many people complain and refuse to wear a face mask. Did you know that you don’t need to wear a medical or an N95 mask to protect your self and others from exposure to the Coronavirus?

Cloth Face Masks work just as well. It comes done to this. When you were a child, and you were sick and coughing and sneezing, how many times did your parents tell you to cover your mouth?

Think about it!

By wearing a cloth face mask, you will not forget to cover your mouth. When you wear the mask, you are keeping your germs to yourself.

Cloth face masks come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. There are neck gaiters, homemade masks, and fashion masks.

 You can even accessorize your wardrobe with fashion face masks. The nice thing about the cloth mask is that it can be worn repeatedly. All you need to do is wash it regularly. Change out your mask daily, like changing your underwear to remain healthy. If you have enough masks, you would even be able to coordinate with your wardrobe.

Sports Cloth Mask with Filter

If you don’t want to buy a mask, you can make your own.



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