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Dah Boat One Size Cloth Baby Diaper

Dah Boat One Size Cloth Baby Diaper

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Package: 1*Cloth Baby Diaper

Microfiber inserts Size:13.5*35CM

Diaper Material: 
 - Outer Layer: The Outer/Cover Layer is made from New Improved Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Laminated Fabric, which is highly Water-Resistant, Breathable and Very Durable. It can be washed without any deformation and gives an ideal protection for your baby, the bed and Linens from leakage.
 - Inner Layer: The soft polyester fleece inner layer gently touches your baby`s skin. This layer can wick moisture away from babies skin and keep bottom dry. There is a pocket opening located in the inner layer to accommodate the microfiber inserts/liners(Not include), you can stuff the insert inside the pocket for maximum absorbency. All of these advanced designs are to make your baby feel easy and comfortable. That is what all parents are happy to see.



 - Size: For babies weighing 3 - 15 kg 
 - Dimensions of insert: 35cm in length 
 - Wash temperature: under 30°C. 
 - One size design: S.M.L all in one size. (Please adjust the button according to the body size of baby)
 How many diapers do you need?
 - Newborn to 4 months -- 20~30 diapers
 - Infant (4 to 10 months) -- 20~25 diapers
 - Toddler (over 10 months) -- 15~20 diapers
   It depends on how often you do laundry.



1. Wash by hand and by machine are both OK.

2. Separate the different colors to avoid the color change.

3. Wash temperature under 30°C. (less than 86 °F) is better.

4. Remove the insert form the pocket tenderly

5. Washing without bleach and softener is much healthier to your baby.

6. Drying under the sun can get rid of a lot of bacteriatact us.  





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