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Tapestry with Pre-Printed Pattern Latch hook kit

Tapestry with Pre-Printed Pattern Latch hook kit

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Package Includes:

- 1 English manual

- 1 Printed base fabric

- 1 Plastic Crochet needle

- 1 Enough yarns of different colors.

Product highlight points

CREATIVE AND FUN: Start a new hobby with our novelty latch hook kit rug. It's the perfect activity for travel and you can take it with you anywhere.

EASY TO USE: Our kit comes complete with simple illustrated instructions that make it easy for kids and adults. With easy to read step by step directions making your own colorful masterpiece is effortless.

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: This DIY project has multiple purposes and can be used to decorate many household items. Place it on the floor, wall or sofa, or use it to make pillows, cushions and mats.

INCLUDES EVERYTHING: We've provided you with all of the tools you need to create plush textured mini-rugs. With a printed canvas, instructions, yarn and a crochet hook you can get started right away!

MAKES A GREAT GIFT:It's the perfect present for birthday, holidays, anniversaries, mother's day and more!

More description

Any variation in color or detailing is a result of the handcrafted nature of this item. Slight imperfections are not to be considered defects but add to their value and unique character.


People explain that stitching is like meditation. The simple task of pulling the floss through the fabric, doing that same type of stitch over and over can give people a sense of well-being.

Cross stitching and various needlework projects also allow people to stay focused.

It is an amazing feeling of oneness for your friend to tell you, "Hey, I get it, I love doing that too." It makes us realize how connected we really are.

It's a busy go go go, work, (or lack of work), school, it can be overwhelming, putting ridiculous demands on our lives and well being. Cross stitch allows crafters to sit back and just breathe. You can stitch alone or with a small group and feel the stress disappear.

Intimate Tips:

-Knitting kits for children, beginners, and artisans. It contains a needle, so adult supervision is required.

-This product is a semi-finished product, you must make it yourself.

-Unlike other white kits that are difficult to follow, this product uses a base fabric print pattern design, which is different from other products,so you can complete it smoothly.

-Dimensions are determined manually, so may vary slightly.

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